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About Us:

Titus Properties, LLC enhances its clients real estate portfolio with minimal down risk through productive diversification. Titus Properties achieves this goal working closely with our tenants by establishing pr-arranged location criteria and building allowances.


Our Business:

Titus Properties is a closely held Limited Liability Corporation focusing on real estate investment services for key clientele in addition to adding to it's existing portfolio of real estate holdings.   The firm specializes in the “value enhancement” of real estate projects.  

Traditionally, we feel there are two aspects of development which offer the greatest potential: first, in the acquisition of income producing property with existing excess land available for further niche development, and second, in the acquisition of property that can be repositioned or redeveloped to yield a greater return.

The firm is a team of multi-disciplined specialists with a proven track record in land use entitlement, project restructuring and development.   The primary geographic focus is the Western Untied States where the principles of the firm have extensive market knowledge and a strong industry wide network of available resources.


Our Mission:

Our goal is to provide a maximum return on invested capital to our clients and investors.   As a result of many years of successful project development, we have attained the status of a “Preferred Developer” for 24 Hour Fitness, USA.  

We have developed numerous projects nationwide for 24 Hour Fitness always focusing on the relevant aspects of value enhancement and entitlement in order to fully employ all available land for niche market utilization.   Well positioned, high quality income producing commercial properties provide an added level of asset stability and name recognition in the R.E. Brokerage Community, which leads to future ground development projects for our firm.


Our Objectives:

Our corporate objective is to fully utilize our 30 years of real estate development experience in niche markets in order to develop, entitle or retrofit existing commercial real estate.   Through our existing investors, financial institutions and property owners, we have learned that there is significant demand for these “specific use” commercial properties.   Our services include, but are not limited to, project feasibility analysis, market analysis, strategic planning, entitlement and development.

The prime target investment opportunity is one which has a holding period of three to five years, has value enhancement potential, and can provide an internal rate of return averaging in excess of 25% to the Limited Partners not including General Partners return.

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